Friday, March 16, 2007

Bush the Butch

vigil against warThis @rticle suggests that "A Third Of US War Veterans Returning from Afghanistan and Iraq Have Mental Health Difficulties"; then, this other @rticle informs that the Pentagon finally admits that what's actually going on in Iraq could be called a civil war; 3558 U.S. soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Washington Post, and yet another @rticle lets us know that the U.S. troop buildup in Iraq approaches 30,000.

A third of them will suffer from mental health problems, thus 10,000 + the 3558 dead ones. But imagine the poor people who live in Iraq; how many of them are going haywire, due to four years of War and civil war? And it's not because the Pentagon just started to admit the situation looks like civil war, that it just started; is it? Another worrisome detail is that it seems to me there hasn't been much Iraq NeWs on Google News for a week or two: the last time it happenned is when Fallujah was invaded and over 2000 Iraqui people died...

And that war started under falsehood, that is, the supposed Mass destruction weapons, which indeed were never found. Who will stop that mess? Not me, though I join my spirit and soul to the people in Washington, D.C. and other places, who protested against the Iraq War, this 2007mar16-17! I'm just another powerless citizen of the Planet that can only write a bit about it, hoping that maybe one day, Man will stop acting as if it were in a pandemonium.

Credit for the above photo, found on the Washinton Post:
Jordan Schmidt, of Leesburg, Va., an anti-war protester, holds a candlelight vigil with others outside the White House in Washington, Friday, March 16, 2007. An estimated 3,000 protesters march from the National Cathedral to the White House to protest the military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)