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Poor Pickton in Deep Pig Poop

I started off this "editori@l" as a (short) comment in this other Blog,
but since it got quite long, I chose to also publish it here; might as well!

These three sources, from the Vancouver Sun, Part I :: Part II :: Part III, are extracts of the transcript of Pickton's 11-hour long interrogatory by RCMP; the video of the "interview", as we all know, was shown in Court during the first week of the trial.

From part III:

"“All right. So my question is how many?” Adam said.
“I’d say two, probably two, maybe three,” Pickton said.
“Okay, so we’ve got Mona, obviously, right?” Adam asked.
“No. We’ve got nobody yet,” Pickton said."

Further on in the interview:

"“...I already told you how many’s in the trailer. Probably maybe up to as high as three in that, in [Even though the word "in", may be it really was "and" ?] the motorhome,” Pickton said.
“All right.”
“That was as far as we got,” Pickton said.
“Possibly,” Pickton added."

Although that may seem like an admission, maybe Picton is just feeding the cops what they want to hear? He's just been through ±10 hours of "interview"!

Those three @rticles above, are the most complete reports that I found on what happened during week one: indeed most NeWs sources only scrounge for the most gruesome details, making it a real problem to discover the real truth, which we'll likely never find out. For example, when an @rticle titles something like Pig Farmer Skinned Victims and Fed Them to Pigs, some, too many, readers will see it as a proven fact, when, in fact, it's the words of Lynn Ellingsen, who was also arrested in the case, a week BEFORE Pickton: she was right against the wall; maybe, she gave the cops something they wanted to hear, something that she could deal in exchange for immunity? Cops do that all the time; everybody knows it! Karla Homolka is one proof of that! Maybe even, Ellingsen skinned the victims herself and maybe she murdered them too!!

Would that kind of person hesitate to put responsability of her murders, if any, on the gullible Willie Pickton? Could that personage have had territorial interests in East Vancouver's Hooker Land, from which she could have wanted to eleminate competition?

Talking about lies, on Monday of week II, Adam, one of the RCMP interviewers admitted that he told to some lies during that "interview" with Pickton. As for Pickton bragging, while in jail, that he had killed 49 and planned a last one, so as to round it up to 50, we can suppose that it was yet another lie, intented to impress a double agent posing as a violent prisoner: since some types of criminals, as child abusers and rapists, have it hard in jail, since everybody knows that, even Pickton, and since the undercover cop is pretending to be accused of attempted murders, maybe Pickton played the mean, though murderer, but only trying to save, protect his own skin??

Another detail that is, let's say, "suspicious" is that the, now famous heads, which were discovered in buckets, were actually found SIX MONTHS AFTER Pickton had been put into jail! Who put those heads in Picton's freezer? How come it took six months to discover them, when dozens of cops had already been searching the farm?

Was Pickton set up by the very murderers and by the cops? That wouldn't be the first time: Quebec city's Marsall case is just one example ot that kind of reality. 70 millions $$ were spent on the investigation: the cops had been accused of doing nothing to solve the problem of disappearing hookers in East Vancouver; so, they put all the cases on one person, trial him on the only six cases, on which they really have some kind of proof, though none that Pickton committed the murders himself, and say that they intend to judge him on 20 more cases, but later...

Then, they find Pickton guilty on those six counts, they send him with the carceral population, an "accident" happens to Pickton, the second trial never occurs, but the RCMP can say: "we solved the problem of the missing ladies; Pickton was the murderer, but, unfortunately, we didn't have time to judge him in all cases, but we did have all the prooves to do so", and they thus save their honor!?

I leave you with this CBC link,, which offers quite a roundup on the Pickton case...

As for blogs b@bbling about Pickton, there are 6619 of them, on this 2007jan31... Just write "pickton" in the SearchBox...

And as I don't really want to write about this pig stuff again, at least for a while, here's a last link to a letter Pickton wrote, while detained in Port Coquitlam pretrial facilities (yet another euphemism).

Finally, event though "talk is cheap",
I offer my sympathy to all the families and friends who lost a loved one.



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