Tuesday, April 24, 2007

French English Correctors

BonPatron.com, Popup Correcteur BonPatron.com, and SpellCheckPlus.com,Popup Corrector SpellCheckPlus.com, are two new online correcting tools that facilitate writing, or Web writing, both in French and English.

Please, take notice that the cre@tors of the very socio-constructivist online corrector www.lepatron.ca have laid, ± on Easter 2007, a new French corrector, which may be discovered at the @ddress:

The interface's layout has been greatly improved; moreover, as indicates Stéfan Sinclair et Terry Nadasdi's em@il in French, but here translated:

« * the editor isn't separated from the comments anymore – the mechanism that posts the linguistic problems now is integrated within the text editor;

* some preferences now are retained between work sprees (the interface's language, the mother tongue of the user, etc.) (except if you, like me, often suppress your cookies :-)

* many improvements within error verification »

Further good news, our Easter rabbits Terri and Stéfan also laid: SpellCheckPlus.comPopup Corrector SpellCheckPlus.com, "a very preliminary (alpha) version of a verifier for texts in English".

Another discussion, in French, on those two correctors, is @vailable in François Guité's blog

Also take notice that
those two correctors are @ccessible through the simple URL: http://djo.ca/c

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