Monday, October 29, 2007

Good day to @ll :: Bonne journée à tous

Please, take notice! :: SVP, prendre note !

From now on, 2007oct29, I'll work in my own blog, @t, rather than here: that's to say, that on 2007sep18, I inst@lled a WordPress 2.2.2 Blog, in my domain

Don't misunderstand me: the blogs in, @lias, are great; however, nothing's worth a
Home, Sweet Home.

Dorénavant, en ce 2007oct29, je tr@vaillerai dans mon blogue, @, plutôt qu'ici : de fait, c'est depuis le 2007sep18, que j'ai inst@llé un blogue WordPress 2.2.2 dans mon dom@ine et que j'y trav@ille assidûment, au point d'en être fier.

Comprenez-moi bien : les blogues de, @lias sont merveilleux ; néanmoins, on est jamais mieux servi que par soi-même...

Joseph Deneault, Djeault, DjO, ce 2007oct29, à Québec, QC.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

ToSamuelCauchon SONofAndreCauchon

ToSamuelCauchon SONofAndreCauchon

May 24 ; that day, in 1993, thus 14 years ago, this 2007mai24, André Cauchon, your daddy, died, at the corner of St-Jean (Qc, QC's main) and Richelieu, in front of The Hobbit café ; we were walking to his place, where he had invited me to crash, as bros do for eachother, when one gets into town, from elsewhere. He was one of the sweetest, cheerful hippy and daddy, I ever met; that's to say! Often in the St-Jean Baptiste Park, the ex-Cemetery, he'd continuously pick up any garbage he saw, dressed in his colorful, hippy outfits, and then put it away into a proper place... A sweet man ; not gay, that I know of, but assholes might have thought so, thus causing André's death; that's what another story says..

That night, we both hanged out at the Fourmi atomique, then, the cool bar in Qc; André, at the first floor, played pool all night ; I, in the basement, danced til closing time, thus 3h: of all people in the bar, I do know that we were the only two that neither had a drink, nor a sip of booze ; we visited eachother a few times. After 3, we went to the allnighter restaurant and after a light snack, we walked up St Jean street to his place ; within a block, two guys were following us, one of which was screaming insults and being aggressive directly towards us ; they were walking up to us with good speed; André seemed okay, and I felt somewhat agressed, but all seemed manageable, so far : then, suddenly and without warning, André started running as we approached Richelieu street and The Hobbit, but his legs were bending, with the knees lower at each step.

André got to the street corner pole and hanged from it with both hands, slowly melting towards the sidewalk; when he finally let go of the pole, he was in foetal position on his knees, face earthwards: I only had time to call André's name a couple of times, when the aggresive asshole got past André and in front of him, ordering him to get up; André is saying nothing, of course, and the, let's call him Marteau Débris, il se reconnaitra mais ne pourra me poursuivre, continues by asking André: "are you gonna get up, if I pull out a gun?", putting his hands to his back pocket, which André didn't and likely couldn't see, but which I sure did see: I jumped back into the Hobbit's door, only to realise it offered no protection against a bullet.

Then the guy, in front of André, who's in foetal position, looking down, swings his foot backwards and then kiks into André's head, touching him or not: I couldn't see from my angle; since he finally hadn't pulled a gun, I got out of the hobbit's door, rrreally rrraging, only to see a police car, parked only a few dozen feet from us: their ligths came on and they hurried to the incident and arrested Marteau right away, since they had seen him kik into André's head. Marteau had time to throw something into a dumpster; was it a gun, a knife, some dope: I don't think anything was found, nor that anyone really searched the dumpster: but maybe, I missed that part, since I was invited to the Cop Shop, as a witness of the incident, but André was just a poor hippy: Marteau's subsequent trial prooved it; what a parody!

I think I remember that one of the two cops, or maybe someone else who was going by, gave André artificial respiration and also pumped his heart; however, as we waited for the ambulance, there is a moment in time, when, oh so sadly, I saw André had left; indeed hospitals can do, and do, miracles, but they didn't that night: André was just a poor hippy. I forget how the cop introduced the subject, but I told him to shoot it out, plain: " your buddy's gone", « ton chum est parti », thus came out: my slight hopes thus faded to null. They kept me until the dic got to the station, by 7h or 8h, I forget. I described what hapenned and then went to the Youth Hostel, where I do know most of the staff: they thus gave me a bed for free, so that I may take some strength after that eventful night.

Then, a couple of days later, you, Samuel, and your mom, came to town from BC; I recall it was a Sunday; your mom insisted that I tell both of you exactly what happened; I had to chose my words, so that I would't hurt you, then such a young child; my eyes flow, as I write this line. As I spoke and you asked many questions, we sat down right on the sidewalk and your mom burned incence, after we hugged and wept; indeed the cops stopped their car, asked explanation, then left. This time, maybe to spare you, I retell you in English what happened to your daddy André Cauchon and I, that most sad night of 1993mai24; God bless you, if you ever read these lines, and also your mom and André: please, know that he's not forgotten!

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

9 Outils d'écriture Wiki Web Writing Tools

Thursday, May 03, 2007

MadCows or MadPeople

This May 3, 2007, CBC acknowledges that a tenth case of Mad Cow was just uncovered in Canada, since the US Embargo in only 2003, and that yet another case was detected in April. In December 2006, I wrote this other @rticle, Mad Cows Sad Ox, in which I denounce the fact that the Dairy industry is feeding blood meal to vegetarian dairy cows. However, since I'm just an average DjO, my writings don't affect the world as much as those of Pamela, Paul, or Benedict. Even though the whole World could read this blog, it doesn't! This blog is almost as private as my inner thoughts.

Moreover, I assume that too many people think there's nothing wrong with feeding blood meal to vegetarian animals; I wonder if they'd understand better that you can't nourish a lion with lettuce heads, since lions are carnivorous, or that you can't feed gasoline to carrots, since carrots aren't mechanical, or that you can't give water to your cars, since they aren't vegetables... How will I succeed in spreading the NeWs that Mad Cow disease is a highly serious, degenerative disease, which takes four or five years to incubate in an affected cows, and at least that long or longer, in human beings? Feeding cows with blood meal will not cause problems tomorrow morning: it'll take years before problems appear, if they do.

In Japan, it's every single beef carcass that gets tested for Mad Cow disease; however, here, in Canada, only a few random samples are taken now and then; furthermore, since Canadian dairy cows don't have a very long life expectancy, even though they might be incubating the disease, there just may not be enough time for them to massively indicate that their brains are melting away. Nevertheless, us or our children might live long enough to eventually become affected... Could Alzeimer have any link with Mad Cow disease?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

French English Correctors, Popup Correcteur, and,Popup Corrector, are two new online correcting tools that facilitate writing, or Web writing, both in French and English.

Please, take notice that the cre@tors of the very socio-constructivist online corrector have laid, ± on Easter 2007, a new French corrector, which may be discovered at the @ddress:

The interface's layout has been greatly improved; moreover, as indicates Stéfan Sinclair et Terry Nadasdi's em@il in French, but here translated:

« * the editor isn't separated from the comments anymore – the mechanism that posts the linguistic problems now is integrated within the text editor;

* some preferences now are retained between work sprees (the interface's language, the mother tongue of the user, etc.) (except if you, like me, often suppress your cookies :-)

* many improvements within error verification »

Further good news, our Easter rabbits Terri and Stéfan also laid: SpellCheckPlus.comPopup Corrector, "a very preliminary (alpha) version of a verifier for texts in English".

Another discussion, in French, on those two correctors, is @vailable in François Guité's blog

Also take notice that
those two correctors are @ccessible through the simple URL:

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Bush the Butch

vigil against warThis @rticle suggests that "A Third Of US War Veterans Returning from Afghanistan and Iraq Have Mental Health Difficulties"; then, this other @rticle informs that the Pentagon finally admits that what's actually going on in Iraq could be called a civil war; 3558 U.S. soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Washington Post, and yet another @rticle lets us know that the U.S. troop buildup in Iraq approaches 30,000.

A third of them will suffer from mental health problems, thus 10,000 + the 3558 dead ones. But imagine the poor people who live in Iraq; how many of them are going haywire, due to four years of War and civil war? And it's not because the Pentagon just started to admit the situation looks like civil war, that it just started; is it? Another worrisome detail is that it seems to me there hasn't been much Iraq NeWs on Google News for a week or two: the last time it happenned is when Fallujah was invaded and over 2000 Iraqui people died...

And that war started under falsehood, that is, the supposed Mass destruction weapons, which indeed were never found. Who will stop that mess? Not me, though I join my spirit and soul to the people in Washington, D.C. and other places, who protested against the Iraq War, this 2007mar16-17! I'm just another powerless citizen of the Planet that can only write a bit about it, hoping that maybe one day, Man will stop acting as if it were in a pandemonium.

Credit for the above photo, found on the Washinton Post:
Jordan Schmidt, of Leesburg, Va., an anti-war protester, holds a candlelight vigil with others outside the White House in Washington, Friday, March 16, 2007. An estimated 3,000 protesters march from the National Cathedral to the White House to protest the military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy New Pig Year

google search for year of the pig opens in new windowYes, today, 2007fev18, is the beginning of the Year of the Pig, which sometimes, is also called the Year of the Wild Boar, since being a pig is not necessarily as glamorous as being a horse, especially that ISLAM, and JUDAISM prohibit eating pork meat, an unclean animal, according to both religions. Personnally, even though I belong to neither of those religions, I didn't eat any pig meat in the last 18 years; in fact, I actually stopped eating pig meat and their derivates over 30 years ago, in 1974, and I assume that my body and soul thank me for that decision, especially that nowadays' pigs are boosted with hormones and are raised in most unnatural settings: I've even read that in some highly commercial farms, their piss is reintegrated into their drinking water, etc.

Nonetheless, according to an Ontario college teacher I knew around 1976, pigs are the most intelligent of animals, especially if they are raised in an environment that corresponds to their true nature, that being open fields, forest land, clean water and muddy spots, in which they can roll themselves in, so as to protect their skin from sun rays... It is a fact that pigs maybe taught all kinds of tricks, other than making piglets and bacon. Moreover, they are great for ploughing and fertilising a garden or a field... However, commercial animal farming doesn't bother respecting animals' true nature, for they are mostly motivated with profit: impeding a pig from running around too much makes them fat faster; but does it make them happy?

As for that tradition of Lunar years and dedicating a year on 12 to an animal, I like seeing as something else than "astrology"; I'd rather consider that it's a good idea to dedicate a whole year to an animal and that maybe during that year, humanity and governments should examine the conditions of that animal and improve it... But that is a truly utopic concept, I agree... There seemingly is another tradition related to the Chinese New Year: writing a haïku on the first day of the Lunar Year, would insure literary proficiency throughout the whole year: so, here we go...

Pig piglet poets

Its true deep nature respect:
Gardens must protect!

EXPLANATION: People who are sensitive, poets, to pigs and piglets true natural needs, know that these love roaming about, but also that they could cause havoc in a garden, by eating or ploughing it at the wrong time of the year. Therefore, in the best of worlds, one must fence off its gardens, so as to keep the pigs out during the growing season and in, when it's ploughing time: pigs walk, roll and run but vegetables and trees don't...

Finally, here's my artistic view of Pigs : a 1987 watercolor and Indian Ink painting of mine.
pigs as seen by djeault djo

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Monday, February 05, 2007

iframe test

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Poor Pickton in Deep Pig Poop

I started off this "editori@l" as a (short) comment in this other Blog,
but since it got quite long, I chose to also publish it here; might as well!

These three sources, from the Vancouver Sun, Part I :: Part II :: Part III, are extracts of the transcript of Pickton's 11-hour long interrogatory by RCMP; the video of the "interview", as we all know, was shown in Court during the first week of the trial.

From part III:

"“All right. So my question is how many?” Adam said.
“I’d say two, probably two, maybe three,” Pickton said.
“Okay, so we’ve got Mona, obviously, right?” Adam asked.
“No. We’ve got nobody yet,” Pickton said."

Further on in the interview:

"“...I already told you how many’s in the trailer. Probably maybe up to as high as three in that, in [Even though the word "in", may be it really was "and" ?] the motorhome,” Pickton said.
“All right.”
“That was as far as we got,” Pickton said.
“Possibly,” Pickton added."

Although that may seem like an admission, maybe Picton is just feeding the cops what they want to hear? He's just been through ±10 hours of "interview"!

Those three @rticles above, are the most complete reports that I found on what happened during week one: indeed most NeWs sources only scrounge for the most gruesome details, making it a real problem to discover the real truth, which we'll likely never find out. For example, when an @rticle titles something like Pig Farmer Skinned Victims and Fed Them to Pigs, some, too many, readers will see it as a proven fact, when, in fact, it's the words of Lynn Ellingsen, who was also arrested in the case, a week BEFORE Pickton: she was right against the wall; maybe, she gave the cops something they wanted to hear, something that she could deal in exchange for immunity? Cops do that all the time; everybody knows it! Karla Homolka is one proof of that! Maybe even, Ellingsen skinned the victims herself and maybe she murdered them too!!

Would that kind of person hesitate to put responsability of her murders, if any, on the gullible Willie Pickton? Could that personage have had territorial interests in East Vancouver's Hooker Land, from which she could have wanted to eleminate competition?

Talking about lies, on Monday of week II, Adam, one of the RCMP interviewers admitted that he told to some lies during that "interview" with Pickton. As for Pickton bragging, while in jail, that he had killed 49 and planned a last one, so as to round it up to 50, we can suppose that it was yet another lie, intented to impress a double agent posing as a violent prisoner: since some types of criminals, as child abusers and rapists, have it hard in jail, since everybody knows that, even Pickton, and since the undercover cop is pretending to be accused of attempted murders, maybe Pickton played the mean, though murderer, but only trying to save, protect his own skin??

Another detail that is, let's say, "suspicious" is that the, now famous heads, which were discovered in buckets, were actually found SIX MONTHS AFTER Pickton had been put into jail! Who put those heads in Picton's freezer? How come it took six months to discover them, when dozens of cops had already been searching the farm?

Was Pickton set up by the very murderers and by the cops? That wouldn't be the first time: Quebec city's Marsall case is just one example ot that kind of reality. 70 millions $$ were spent on the investigation: the cops had been accused of doing nothing to solve the problem of disappearing hookers in East Vancouver; so, they put all the cases on one person, trial him on the only six cases, on which they really have some kind of proof, though none that Pickton committed the murders himself, and say that they intend to judge him on 20 more cases, but later...

Then, they find Pickton guilty on those six counts, they send him with the carceral population, an "accident" happens to Pickton, the second trial never occurs, but the RCMP can say: "we solved the problem of the missing ladies; Pickton was the murderer, but, unfortunately, we didn't have time to judge him in all cases, but we did have all the prooves to do so", and they thus save their honor!?

I leave you with this CBC link,, which offers quite a roundup on the Pickton case...

As for blogs b@bbling about Pickton, there are 6619 of them, on this 2007jan31... Just write "pickton" in the SearchBox...

And as I don't really want to write about this pig stuff again, at least for a while, here's a last link to a letter Pickton wrote, while detained in Port Coquitlam pretrial facilities (yet another euphemism).

Finally, event though "talk is cheap",
I offer my sympathy to all the families and friends who lost a loved one.